Inclusion              Change                          Ethics
Inclusion              Change                          Ethics
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Sankofa Futures Consulting
30 Mallet Hill Ct
Columbia, SC 29223

Phone: +1 803-497-3638

What's New

COLA/Gives, the first African American Giving Circle in South Carolina.


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Remember the past...Create the future...

The core of Sankofa Futures Consulting's services includes the following themes:

  • Understanding and leveraging the benefits of diversity.
  • Exploring values and ethics in the workplace. Read more
  • Managing change through the synergistic relationship between excellence, equity and effectiveness standards (Triple "E"). Read more...
  • Building and sustaining diverse and inclusive environments and communities. Read more...
  • Enhancing diversity and multicultural competencies of individuals, teams, and institutional units. Read more...
  • Utilizing the Sankofa Paradigm, Equity-Sensitive Perspectives, and other change models for strategic and tactical planning and assessment activities. Read more...
  • Bridging multi-generations in the workplace for increased innovation and productivity.      Read more...
  • Promoting community based philanthropic and service projects and programs designed to engage individuals and groups in collective efforts to improve social, educational and econmic conditions at the local level. Read more...


Note: These themes or concepts are explored through highly interactive modeling, dialogues, simulations and other processes and exercises designed to fully engage every participant.


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